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Free Book Preview!

Sorry to send out two posts in one week--but I'm just too darn excited. My debut book from Stenhouse Publishers, Renew! Become a Better--and More Authentic--Writing Teacher is available for pre-sale now, and as an added bonus, my generous friends at Stenhouse have offered anyone who visits their site a free preview of my entire book. I KNOW,… Continue reading Free Book Preview!

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Stages of Edu-Twitter: A Comic

When I get (what I consider) a good, solid idea for a comic, all I want to do is work on it. Dinner prep be damned! This particular idea came to me during a workshop I gave this past week through the UNH Professional Development & Training program on using comics, picture books, and graphic… Continue reading Stages of Edu-Twitter: A Comic

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Comic: “What’s For Dinner?”

Hi friends--happy Spring**! If you follow my (somewhat inane) Twitter feed, you might be aware that I am currently knee-deep in a comic/graphic novel inquiry with a group of second and third graders. Most of these students had never tried writing a comic before this particular exploration, and yet they continue to blow me away daily with… Continue reading Comic: “What’s For Dinner?”

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The Power of Revision

Hello friends! I wanted to share the piece I wrote for the March/April 2017 edition of the International Literacy Association's bi-monthly magazine, Literacy Today, called "The Power of Revision." We often talk about the value and the power of revision in regard to our writing practice--but what about harnessing that power in the context of our teaching practice? This… Continue reading The Power of Revision

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The Limits of Primary Writing Journals

Two years ago this April, I wrote a post for The Educator Collaborative's Community Blog that articulated my feelings about the need for educators to offer their student writers more "freedom" in their compositional work. It was called "Math, Literacy, and the Need for More Blank Paper," and, upon rereading the post, I'm happy to… Continue reading The Limits of Primary Writing Journals

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Our Adopt-A-Shelf Program: The Deets

Last week, I posted a video of our library's "Adopt-a-Shelf" initiative on my Twitter feed, which my fabulous colleague Caroline Carrel and I dreamed up over lunch one day and which has since garnered a surprising amount of attention. Because I have had so many "virtual" colleagues ask questions about the initiative's design and/or implementation, I… Continue reading Our Adopt-A-Shelf Program: The Deets

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Best Books of 2016, All in One Place

Man. 2016, right? *sighs* For some of us, nestling our noses in a good book was the best way to escape the ghastly, noxious brute that was this past year, personified. But curating a cathartic To Be Read (TBR) stack is not always natural or easy, as I wrote about in August. Even those of us who managed to… Continue reading Best Books of 2016, All in One Place